Top 10 Best TV Wall Ideas – Living Room Television Designs

Now that you’ve decided to display your entertainment system in the style it deserves, the question remains: how to implement it into your home’s design scheme?

Your television shouldn’t be an eyesore or contrast with a room’s décor any more than it should find itself lost in an array of “cover-up” ornamentation.

Fortunately, the world’s leading designers have honed in on expert ways to make the TV a room’s rightful dominant feature, while seamlessly blending it into the overall household aesthetic.

There is no shortage of TV wall options, starting with the simple, no-frills approach and ending with no less than a work of art. Chrome finishes keep your mounted television and speakers sleek and fuss-free, while borders, decorative brackets, and parlor-style frame displays all speak to the individual’s tastes and interior values.

Pallet walls are a uniquely innovative way to highlight your entertainment station, thus rendering it a separate visual entity, while surrounding shelves lend a comfortable blend of domestic charm and modern appeal. However you choose to display your TV, this is your time and space to recline and enjoy some much-deserved R&R.

The television has been a home staple since the mid-20th Century, but the conundrum has more or less remained the same: how does one incorporate their TV into the home in a way that contributes to the atmosphere, rather than detracts from it? Today’s TV wall ideas have got you–and it–covered, combining modern craftsmanship with time-honored implements that stand as a reminder that no matter the technology that enters the home, the home itself remains the same.

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