33 Amazing Wall Shelves Ideas That Make Your Home Look Luxury

Wall shelf is an alternative to add aesthetic value to the house. In addition, the presence of wall shelves itself can help store items at home to make them look more neat.

Choosing a wall shelf can be seen in terms of function, material, and even the placement of the wall shelf itself, starting from the bedroom area, kitchen, family room to the workspace.

Here are 33 inspiring wall shelves that can be used to add value to the luxury of your home!

33. Modern floating shelves

shelves wall ideas

Perfect for storing keys, sunglasses, purses, letters and whatever small thing you can't live without you always seem to be missing out on. The shelves are made entirely of wood and look beautiful with a small vase of flowers.

32. Floating Entertainment Unit

Wall Shelves Floating Entertainment Unit

Long Stand High-gloss White, With Three Floating Shelves looks simple and elegant.

31. Wooden Wall Shelves Home Supplies Box

Wooden Wall Shelves Home Supplies Box

Materials made of grade A Playwood (not MDF / soft Albasia wood) and FINISHING using Taco / decosheet (furniture upholstery). This wooden box wall shelf can be used for the storage of Home Supplies and also for Hanging Room Wall Decorations

30. Carpentry Ideas For Your Storage and Display Needs

diy carpentry ideas
Having open shelves embedded into full height storage units not only break up the monotony of a row of cupboard doors, but also enables you to change the look of the cabinets by rotating the decorative accessories.

29. Open Shelves Living Room

floating shelves living room
charming floating shelves on white wall with small decorative books bottle earthenware and other good artworks Is How to decorate floating shelves interestingly

The best thing about floating shelves is that they hang beautifully on the wall. Further, they can easily be fixed anywhere. Our walls don’t look cluttered even if we have limited space. Besides, even though they appear weak, they are very strong and capable of holding heavy items.

This simple and inexpensive idea of the hanging shelves made our house feel even homier. If you are fed up with your small house, try this idea; believe me, you will love what you see in the end.

28. Wooden Wall Shelves For Books

reading corner ideas for home
If you love to read,have a large yet unused corner,want to make a space where you can read comfortably and undisturbed.then consider creating a nook on said corner. The corner is often overlooked and unused. As such, turning them into a reading nook is a smart way to make use of the space while adding value to your house. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time in a nook like the above?This built-in reading nook is GREAT. It’s stylish but brings in the personality of her family with books and family photos.

27. Unique Wall Shelves Creative Display

unique wall shelves
Shelves suspended in solid oak and rope. Dimensions to measure. The presented shelf measuring 2.50 meters wide, 2.50 high and 20cm depth.

Each shelf is made by hand to ensure that everything is perfect, that there are no defects, that the balance is perfect and above all that it brings you complete satisfaction.

The oak was chosen for its nobility, the finesse of its streaks, its solidity and above all its weight. The weight brings great stability to the shelf. This will prevent your objects from falling off.

We treat all shelves with an invisible matte varnish so that they are protected from the vagaries of everyday life.

Source : www.etsy.com

26. Wall Shelves For Living Room Modern

Shelves For Living Room Modern

A cozy and welcoming arrangement of a living room with a comfy sofa in a contemporary design and a small ottoman that serves as a coffee table. The room features also simple floating shelves that act as a display area.

Classic shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Ideal for storing books or display decorations. Neutral and functional accessory for each room as needed.

25. Wall Mounted Shelves Design

Wall Mounted Shelves Design
Add your living room decor a cool, urban style. This set of wall mounted will create a cool, contemporary composition for i.e. industrial spaces, like lofts or other modern apartments.

24. Wall Paint Design Ideas With Shelving

creative ideas for painting bookshelves

Use empty wall space and create this unique decor-plus-storage area. Keep books, keepsakes, souvenirs, or anything on this built-in unit. The use of contrasting colors accentuates the style and makes the wall stand out.

23.Wall shelf Minimalist Multipurpose

Wall shelf Minimalist Multipurpose
Sturdy / strong because the bracket is made of iron so that it can withstand loads of up to 10 kg

22. Fantastic bathroom shelves above toilet

bathroom shelves above toilet ideas
The dimensions in the images are 25" wide by apx 6" deep. The wood in this image is 2" x 6" reclaimed barn wood.The brackets are made from industrial black pipe.

Fantastic shelving. Rustic decor just as advertised. Easy to install, came with dry wall plugs and screws! Even told me what size drill bit to use. Love them 

21. Wall Shelf With Love Floating Shelves Model

bedroom wall shelves decorating ideas

bedroom wall shelves decorating ideas

Are you looking for bedroom wall shelves decorating ideas? Wall Shelf With Love Floating Shelves Model is best solution for your kids bedroom

20. Stimson Metal Accent Shelf with Reclaimed Wood

Shelf with Reclaimed Wood

This fun decorative wall will liven up in any room. With lots of shelves, there is plenty of space to display books, pictures, plants. I like this! this is a very beautiful shelf, simple and elegant detail.

19. Pipe Shelves Living Room

Industrial rustic wood and pipe shelves
Whether you're going for a sophisticated, modern vibe or a homey, rustic appeal, industrial pipe shelves can be one way to accomplish both of these desired looks. Many people decide to build their own industrial pipe shelves that incorporate these aesthetic features for a variety of reasons. To save on costs, flexibility, personal design, and even for fun! Building your own shelf can ensure you have something that is personal, unique, and matches the looks you're going for.

18. Modern Wall Shelf

Modern Wall Shelf
Bare walls are just dying to be personalized, and with the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to put stuff up on your walls and make your house feel more like a home when company arrives. 

Take a look at  of this modern wall decorating ideas,it is can plug it infor every room. No room needs to miss out on this functional furniture piece, the modern shelf.

17. Minimalist Wall Shelf for Living Room and Bedroom

Minimalist Wall Shelf
The shelves are very useful, mainly for all of those that have small rooms and many things to accommodate. The shelves are more than convenient when it comes to not having much space and wanting to take advantage of the area of the walls to decorate or to organize, because sometimes many things that would look messy are flirtatious with these beautiful shelves.

16. Hanging bookshelves

Hanging bookshelves
For those who have rooms that are not too large, hanging bookshelves are suitable because they don't take up too much space. The selection of hanging shelves can also add to the aesthetic impression and can also be used to place items such as books or some stationery. This shelf display will make the room look cooler and tidier.

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