Living Room Wallpaper Ideas You're Going to Love Part 02

Looking for living room wallpaper ideas? Over the last few years, we have been led to believe that painted walls are the only way to go. A plain and neutral base can indeed be a good starting point from which to build a decorating scheme, but if you ignore the spectrum of colours and patterns available in paint and wallpaper, you could be missing out.

Living room wallpaper ideas

Many brands now produce both wallpaper and paint, so tricky decisions are often already made for you when it comes to creating perfectly coordinated combinations. Be brave and find colours and looks that work for you. Here are our pick of the best living room wallpaper ideas.

If you’re new to hanging wallpaper, have a go at putting it up yourself. You might find it easy to begin with a small area, such as a chimney breast, to build up your confidence before you tackle a whole room.

How to choose a living room wallpaper

There are many factors to take into consideration, aside form personal taste. Firstly consider how you use the room and whereabouts in the property it resides. In small living rooms a large scale patterned wallpaper might overpower the space. If the room is devoid of daylight for most of the day, busy patterns might also make it feel smaller.

If you've been torn about the transformative power of this design solution, consider this roundup of living room wallpaper ideas.

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