23 Best Bookshelves That Will Help Your Kids Have A Desire To Read More

Do you have a bookworm at your house? Or maybe a kid who could use a little bit more encouragement? Just this morning I was talking to my son about how his reading time this summer needs to be a titch higher! Maybe if he had his books in an organized manner, it would be easier for him to find something he wants to read? Could you use some bookshelf ideas too? Hoping these will help us all get a few more bookworms at our houses!Here are 23 of my favourites…

23. Book Shelves For Kids Room Diy

A colorful, whimsical nursery with lots of visual stimulation for little Bailey.

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22. Bookshelf Toy Storage

bookshelf toy storage

Adorable idea for keeping books organized that’s stylish and functional using a wagon for book storage it sure is a great idea for keeping books attractively organized and accessible in a room that isn’t the kids’ primary playroom.

21. Diy Bookshelf Kids Corner Wall

Diy Bookshelf Kids Corner Wall

20. Bright Colors Kids Bookshelf Diy

kids bookshelf diy

I love it’s bright colors and easy, handmade flavor! Just remember to attach any tall furniture to a wall anchor if you have little ones.

19. A Sweet Diy Bookshelves for Kids

diy bookshelves for kids

I wanted a calm and sweet nursery for our first baby. We painted the walls a pale gray and added neutral details with a few pops of color. The furniture is a combination of new and vintage, mixed with some DIY projects. We did a lot of work ourselves, adding crown molding, a Dutch door and wall stencil and shelving in the closet. The room is small, so we maximized space by using a compact dresser as a changing table, removing the closet doors to make it feel bigger, and placing a round crib in the corner. A chandelier and closet lights helped brighten the room.

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18. Decorate A KidsRoom With  Wall Bookshelf Diy

kids wall bookshelf diy

nothing but sweet dreams in this colourful, cozy room.a mix of old and new. vintage and modern.

source : i decorate a room for two - daffodidesign.com

17. Cute Book Shelves FOR Kids

book shelves diy kids

While we don't have a suggestion for what book you should read next, we do have a suggestion for where to store it. Our Good Read Book Caddy features durable wooden construction and is available in lots of colors that fit with nearly any d├ęcor. It can also be used to store toys, games, knickknacks and more.

source : www.crateandbarrel.com

16. Inspiration for decoration: bookshelves kids diy

bookshelves kids diy

15. Diy Kids Bookcase

diy kids bookcase

14. Kids Diy Bookshelf

kids diy bookshelf

13. Diy Bookshelf Kids

diy bookshelf kids

12. Diy Bookshelf Kids Easy

diy bookshelf kids easy

11. easy diy bookshelf kids

easy diy bookshelf kids

10. Bookshelf Diy Kids

bookshelf diy kids

09. Kids Bookcase Diy

kids bookcase diy

08. Diy Bookshelf For Kids

diy bookshelf for kids

07. Diy Kids Bookshelves

diy kids bookshelves

06. Diy Kids Bookshelf

diy kids bookshelf

05. Diy Bookcase For Kids

diy bookcase for kids

04. Kids Bookshelves Diy

kids bookshelves diy

03. Bookshelves Diy Kids 

bookshelves diy kids

02. Kids Bookcases Diy FOR The Evolution of a Playroom

Kids Bookcases Diy

01. Diy Bookshelf Wall Kids

diy bookshelf wall kids

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