10 Best DIY Dog Feeding Station Project

Why a feeding station? Well, for starters it stops clumsy dogs from spilling their dish every 2 minutes. And many of these stations double as food storage, so it keeps things clean, tidy, and organized. Not to mention they just look beautiful.

And some argue that elevated bowls is a more comfortable and natural way of eating for your dog as well.

The great thing about our list of feeding and storage stations is they all come with instructions on how to actually build each one. That being said, you'll need tools and some handy skills, but if you're feeling ambitious then these are really fun home projects.

1. Simple DIY Dog Bowl Stand Plans

These easy to follow DIY dog bowl stand plans show you how to build it in under $5!

Materials needed for DIY dog bowl stand

  • Lumber per the plans– basically all 2×2 boards
  • Kreg Jig K4 but a Kreg 320 will work too.
  • Right angle clamp
  • Wood glue
  • 2-1/2″ pocket hole screws
  • Power drill
  • Miter Saw
  • Sander
  • Stain/paint of your choice.
  • Dog bowls

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I’ve had these plans drawn up for years and am thrilled to have finally completed this project. Watson seems pleased too! With a (faux!) marble top, personalized nameplate, and large drawer for food storage, this pet feeding station has it all

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We love this DIY idea! It is so practical, nice and not a pet station eye-sore! It is brilliant!It is also so nice to control feedings and keep the messes at bay a little easier!

With us having kids and a puppy, the bowls ALWAYS seem to be tipped over by someone! Well, another benefit to this design is that this prevents those careless tips.Well, the Design Confidential site shares step-by-step instructions on how to make this piece from any similar type dresser! They estimate the cost to be $50-$75.

Either take an old dresser that you have or find one at a garage/rummage sale or thrift store! It doesn’t have to be pretty because you can paint the whole thing when you are done! You are going to be cutting it apart anyway.

See the full step-by-step instructions  CLIK HERE,...

4, Diy Project: Vintage Elevated Dog Feeder

What You’ll Need:
-Wooden crate (sanded well to prevent splinters)
-Stainless steel food bowls (Amazon.com and Pet Food stores have affordable options)
-Jig saw
-Drill with large wood drill bit
-Wood sealer

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5 Ordinary Flower Pots Become The Perfect Raised Dog Bowl

The primary structural component of the contraption was two flower pots that the bowl would be able to fit inside.

The bowls would be stacked on top of each other to create a structurally sound bottom portion that wouldn't knock over easily.

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 6. DIY Raised Dog Bowl Stand

If you don’t paint your dresser, this project takes less than half an hour from start to finish!


  1. a small 2 drawer dresser (I repurposed one I had laying around, but you can find similar ones at Target or Walmart or online on Amazon)
  2. two dog bowls with rims (these are the ones that we use)
  3. Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in Lace
  4. Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish in clear

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 7. DIY Dog Feeding Station

My total cost was about $35, 4 hours 34 min not including shopping time or wait time, 1 hug, 1 thank you and a bump on the head. I am tempted to jazz it up with some hand painting but I think I will resisted and keep it simple. I am however planning on staple gunning in some plastic sheeting stuff to line the draws for food storage. All in all I love it, my husband loves it and most important our pets love it.

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8. Dog Feeding Station Tutorial – Pet Furniture

Does your doggie want their own feeding station? It’s really pretty easy. You’ll need: a two cubby wood shelf (I purchased mine for $24 with a 40% off coupon at Michael’s), metal dog bowls with a lip, 4 wooden candle holder cups (in the wood craft section of hobby stores), jigsaw, drill, 4 wood screws, screw driver, paint or wood stain, paint brush.

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 9. Industrial-Style Dog Feeding Station

We were lucky enough to have some old lumber given to us recently. These 10" wide boards (1.5" thick) were originally the sides of a waterbed. A quick run through the planer to remove the lacquer and scratches and they were ready to go. Each "shelf" ended up being 8.5" x 22.5" x 1.25" thick.

We started by taking the dogs' bowls and tracing them on the board and cutting out holes with a Rotozip.

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10.  Raised Industrial Dog Feeder Tutorial

Let your pups eat in style with a raised dog feeder. This tutorial leads you step by step through the process with a few notes on what NOT to do! Using some old barn wood, a few stainless steel bowls, and galvanized pipe, you can easily create a one of a kind piece for the precious 4-legged family member in your life. This project is easily customized to fit the number and size of your doggie family as well as the look of your home.

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